Nights Out in Sheffield

There are many different nights on every night in Sheffield. Click on a day to find out what that day has to offer for a night out.

Monday Nights Out

Oddball, Bug, The Pit Population SHAG Alt.Com.Cab (Third Monday) Pounded

Tuesday Nights Out

Revolt Funktion Get Laid American Pie Tuesday at Tiger Works

Wednesday Nights Out

Student Wednesdays Skool Disco ROAR Reservior Rocks KillaDisko

Thursday Nights Out

Thursday at Tiger Works Dirty Thursdays WE LOVE TO HUMP POUT Jump Around

Friday Nights Out

Covert GAGA Friday at Tiger Works Propaganda P.L.A.Y.

Saturday Nights Out

Good Clean Fun (Upstairs) Mixed Up Saturdays Entourage X-ray Horse (Second Saturday) Shuffle

Sunday Nights Out

MMMBop 4 Play PLAY The Last Laugh Comedy Club

Bars in Sheffield

A large scream pub (yellow card) located on west street the home to the majority of Sheffield's bigg....
A fantastic bar and restaurant located right in the heart of Sheffield.....
Green is a new bar to Sheffield, and it isn't just your normal bar! It has 4 golf simulators inside ....
The Phoenix Bar provide great food at great prices plus the drinks offers are as competitive as any ....
A spacious bar in the middle of Division Street. A very nice chill out bar with leather sofas and go....
Champs was the first American style sports bar to open in Britain when it opened it's doors on May 1....
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